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Your on-demand IT taskforce.

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Vinson Professional Learning

Empowering schools and educators to make the most of their technology investments.

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Vinson Edify

A virtual learning platform for 21st century education.

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Vinson Shield

A 360-degree physical security service for your school.

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Backup as a Service

Never worry about your data again.

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Continued Education for K-12 Professionals.

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More than 100 school districts trust Vinson to solve their biggest technology challenges.

  • Checkpoint EMIS Platform

    Holly Cahall
    Treasurer, Monroe Local Schools

    Checkpoint EMIS Platform

    Before partnering with Vinson, I can’t even count how many hours we spent poring over spreadsheets and correcting data inaccuracies. CheckPoint has saved our staff many hours in researching data errors, and made our processes far more efficient. We can identify staff who need additional training, and it helps us rectify systematic problems, which in turn also streamlines our efforts. Our district’s Special Education administrator said with CheckPoint, we now have the time to spend on important and more meaningful issues that improve service to our students.

  • Checkpoint EMIS Platform

    Jenni Logan
    Treasurer, Lakota Local Schools

    Checkpoint EMIS Platform

    Vinson’s CheckPoint platform proved to be incredibly valuable to our district’s stakeholders. That’s because instead of having a bunch of data dumped on them and being asked to sift through it to find what’s important, the platform tells them exactly what they need to focus on, and only those things. It’s an exceptionally focused approach.

  • Checkpoint EMIS Platform

    Michael Cook
    Superintendent, Sheffield Lake City Schools

    Checkpoint EMIS Platform

    Like many districts, we relied on spreadsheets prior to partnering with Vinson. Since we’ve started using the CheckPoint Platform, we’ve been able to sort through our data with pinpoint accuracy to fix all existing errors. CheckPoint gives me the ability to keep track of and oversee errors — and even to see them being corrected in real time. It’s transformative.

  • Managed Services

    Brad Romano
    Superintendent, New London Local Schools

    Managed Services

    Our partnership with Vinson transcends the traditional vendor engagement. Not only is their level of day-to-day support superior to any other firm I’ve worked with, but their team also routinely collaborates with on how to more efficiently integrate new technologies into their existing processes. What’s more, Vinson has worked tirelessly to lower our operational and hardware costs while increasing teacher and student trust in the tech they implement.

  • Professional Learning

    David Csank
    Principal - Villa Angela, St. Joseph High School

    Professional Learning

    The Vinson team has empowered our teachers to be more effective educators while better differentiating their lesson plans. They have established innovative new ways for our teachers to teach and our students to learn.

  • Director Services

    Gregory C. Isler
    Superintendent, Windham Exempted Village Schools

    Director Services

    There is no question that Vinson has helped our administrative team to better utilize the latest and greatest technologies. They have saved us valuable time while offering collaborative solutions that allow us to accomplish more with less.




Former Superintendent and current Vinson President Michael Nutter leads our expert team of technology leaders, former educators, EMIS reporting experts, and technicians.

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Michael Nutter headshot
Mike Nutter
Former Superintendent and current Vinson President Michael Nutter leads our team of experts.
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