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Vinson E-Rate Services

Vinson E-Rate Services

Let Vinson handle all of your E-Rate needs, including standard Category 1 and 2 filings as well as consulting on special projects, including new construction projects.

Not Just Paper-Pushers

Rather than just file paperwork, Vinson E-Rate specialists will ensure your E-Rate plan for Category 1 and Category 2 (not to mention ECF funding) is consistent with your overall technology plan.

Maximize Your E-Rate Funding

The Vinson E-Rate team will review your past use of E-Rate to ensure that you are getting the most out of your available funding, including all categories of service and special grant opportunities.

Worry-Free Audits

Audits are part of the standard E-Rate process, so the Vinson E-Rate team will handle all aspects of your audits at no additional charge.

Flat fee – No Percentages

The Vinson E-Rate service is priced as a flat fee rather than a percentage of your funding amount. Managed Services customers receive a substantial discount on the standard filing fees.


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