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Vinson Protect

Cybersecurity protection made easy.

Multi-layer cybersecurity endpoint detection and response (EDR) protection for your servers, workstations, and network, all centrally monitored and managed by Vinson technicians.

Not Just Antivirus Scans

Vinson Protect includes multiple levels of protection, including detection and automatic response and remediation for viruses, malware, ransomware, and suspicious activity.

Not Just Software

Vinson Protect includes Security Awareness Training for your school or district at no additional charge, ensuring that your staff understands their role in your ongoing cybersecurity plan.

Customizable To Meet Your Needs and Budget

Vinson Protect can be delivered in different configurations to ensure all schools and districts can find an appropriate level of protection for their available budget.

Cyber Insurance Friendly

Vinson Protect offers schools and districts a centrally monitored and managed EDR solution that insurance companies require to either write or renew their cybersecurity insurance.


Explore our informative resources to learn more about Vinson’s vision and our work in K-12 school districts across Ohio.

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