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Vinson Shield

A 360-degree physical security service for your school.

Give parents, staff, and students peace of mind by implementing our 360-degree, full-service security suite .

Thermal Camera Technology

Access wall-mounted thermal imaging cameras that leverage facial recognition technology with temperature checking abilities so your staff will be alerted if any student has an above average temperature.

Consultation and Design

Connect directly with a Vinson security expert, who will determine the most effective monitoring solution for your school. We’ll even walk you through the process of acquiring funds from the state to cover the cost of implementation.

The Most Advanced and Reliable Technology

Vinson will audit, procure, and install the latest high-definition camera technology for your campus, eliminating blind spots to help school officials and police keep every student safe.

Security Infrastructure Design, Build, and Training

We’ll customize our solutions — including camera equipment, connectivity, and monitoring — to meet your school’s unique circumstances and requirements, then set it up and fully train your staff.


Explore our informative resources to learn more about Vinson’s vision and our work in K-12 school districts across Ohio.

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