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Supporting Our Partners During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 is leaving a tremendous impact on the districts and schools across Ohio. Here’s how our team is helping while schools are locked down:

Supporting Your Network and Servers

Even though schools are closed, networks still require attention, especially with the strain that remote work places on servers. Our managed service technicians are working from afar to help you maintain important network and server functions.

Backing Up Your Systems

When you’re away from your computer, accidents can happen. Luckily, we’re safeguarding your data with our dependable Backup as a Service. This means you don’t have to think twice about losing any important files while your district is on lockdown. If you don’t already have our BaaS, now is a great time to consider upgrading.

Planning Network Upgrades and Layouts

While students are home from school, it’s the perfect time for district leaders to think about planning ambitious projects that they wouldn’t otherwise have time for. At Vinson, our experts are ready to help you purchase much-needed upgrades and design better network layouts.

Building Physical Infrastructure

Completing physical infrastructure projects during the hustle and bustle of the school year is a challenge. With students temporarily banned from schools, it’s the perfect time to allow our experts to run new cabling, clean your IT closets and racks, and even reposition APs throughout your buildings. 

Keeping Your Network Safe

Now more than ever, school networks are sitting ducks for cyberattacks. Vinson’s IT experts won’t let you be a target. Our cybersecurity team is actively monitoring your servers to fortify your most valuable data.

Ensuring Your Technology Is Game-Day Ready

We’re constantly providing upkeep to your mission-critical edtech solutions. This way, the moment your school is back in session, your network, applications, and devices will all start-up with absolutely no downtime or issues.

Gearing Up For Summer Purchases and Upgrades

The remainder of this school year is uncertain, but the 2020-21 school year is fast-approaching. Vinson’s experts are proactively examining your IT inventory to make sure your district makes all the upgrades and new purchases it needs for next year.

Taking IT Inventory and Creating Network Maps

While schools are closed to students, our experts can execute a proper deep-dive hardware inventory for your district. With better IT visibility into your ecosystem, we can work with you to build better lifecycle management systems and ensure your budget is being allocated properly.

Google Classroom Support Available

Remote curricula can be a challenge to implement and execute. Programs like Google Classroom make it easier. If you need help setting up the front end, our experts are available.

Supporting Your Account Management

With students and faculty working remotely, people are going to start getting locked out of their school-loaned computers. Password management can quickly bottleneck your resources, which is why our team of experts is here to unload this burden from your staff.

Providing Access to Day-to-Day Support — Onsite or Offsite — As Needed

No matter where your needs are, our experts will be there to help. We are ready to provide day-to-day support for any and all technical needs. Our team is actively fielding supporting tickets; just call us when an issue occurs and our experts will resolve it.

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