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Vinson Edify

A virtual learning platform for 21st century education

Empower teachers to deliver best-in-class blended-learning experiences to their students, all on one easy-to-use platform.

Fastest Start Time in the Industry

Vinson Edify is as easy to use as it is powerful. With just one onboarding session, you'll have your staff trained and ready to start in 90 minutes.

Customizable with Endless Features

Vinson Edify brings together over 550 digital curricula options on a single platform, offering educators the flexibility and customization they need to design their virtual lessons.

A Watchtower for Student Data

Edify provides educators and district leaders the visibility they need to track and monitor student data — class by class, school by school. Access grade and progress tracking to obtain a 360 view of how your students are faring.

Digital and Print

Vinson Edify offers digital online courses in print form, enabling schools to offer accessibility options to all students no matter what the education model is.


Explore our informative resources to learn more about Vinson’s vision and our work in K-12 school districts across Ohio.

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