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Led by former Superintendent and current Vinson President Michael Nutter, our team of educators and technology leaders deeply understand the fields of learning and edtech. We then apply that expertise to the real-world problems schools face every day in relation to IT, EMIS reporting, and professional learning.

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At Vinson, we leverage our experience and expertise in the educational sector and beyond to help leadership and staff at educational institutions tackle the impossible every day. 

Mike Nutter

Starting out as a teacher before moving on to become an Assistant Principal, Principal, and finally, a Superintendent, Michael has been deeply involved in the educational space at every single level for 25 years. His experience as a Superintendent for well over a decade taught him just how difficult it can be to facilitate the non-educational processes that are necessary for schools to secure funding and use the latest technologies. In his role as President of Vinson, Mike is dedicated to helping school administrators navigate these challenges with ease.

Christian Balmer
Executive Vice President, Operations

In his executive role, Christian leads all of Vinson’s operational services. Since graduating from Kent State University with a degree in Organizational Communication, he has maintained a focus on driving the company forward through better processes and data-driven decision-making. With over five years of experience working in Ohio schools, Christian understands the balance between great customer service and operational efficiencies to ensure client satisfaction.

Jason Kleem
Executive Vice President of Client Services

Jason is an experienced leader in educational IT, as evidenced by nearly a decade of work helping K-12 schools solve complex technological problems. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Game and Interactive Media Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology – Orlando, and his passion for educational game and app design led him to his current role at Vinson. Providing professional services to K-12 schools offers Jason the opportunity to contribute his skills in technology, business, public relations, management, strategy, and design to a wide variety of clients.

Frank Cikach
Vice President, Managed Services

Frank has over 35 years of experience in education as both a teacher and administrator. Frank was the Technology Director at Mayfield City Schools for over 15 years, before joining Vinson as a Vice President of Managed Services. In the time since, he has worked with schools all over the state on OFCC projects, E-rate funding, infrastructure upgrades, cybersecurity training, future-ready technology plans, and classroom design.

Lealynd Tuskan
Vice President of Client Services

Lealynd earned her Master’s in Education at Cleveland State University, and has professional experience as both an educator and technology integration specialist. Driven by her passion for learning, she excels in providing teachers with the resources and tools necessary to be successful instructors. Lealynd’s focus is on the continued education of administrators and staff, as well as district leadership and strategic planning. Her dedication, collaboration, and communication skills drive continued, reputable change in the classrooms of every educator she engages.

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