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Groveport Madison Schools

July 16, 2019

Checkpoint EMIS Platform

Groveport Madison Schools Chooses Vinson’s CheckPoint Software to Increase Efficiency, Ensure Data Integrity

CheckPoint is a proprietary EMIS reporting software platform developed by Vinson Consulting Group.

Columbus, OH — January 18, 2019 — Vinson Consulting Group is pleased to announce that the leadership team at Groveport Madison Schools has chosen the company’s CheckPoint Platform to improve their EMIS reporting processes, eliminate errors, and shore up the district’s data integrity.

The Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a statewide data collection system for primary and secondary education in the state of Ohio. It is responsible for processing students’ demographic information, attendance, course information, financial data, and test results. Ohio’s Department of Education leverages this data to calculate the amount of funding each district will receive from the State government. If a district submits an EMIS report that includes errors or omissions, it risks receiving less funding than it is owed.

For Groveport Madison, the platform has put any and all EMIS-related worries to bed: “I love that CheckPoint completely removes any chance of human error,” says Treasurer John Walsh. “I feel confident that our data is clean every time I click ‘submit.’”

Walsh continues, “CheckPoint ensures data integrity — and thus, proper funding. And since we’ve started using CheckPoint, our approach to EMIS reporting has become proactive, rather than reactive. It’s a much more efficient process than we had before.”

The CheckPoint Platform is the product of over two years of development work led by Vinson Principal Mike Nutter. Starting out as a teacher before becoming an assistant principal, principal, and finally, a Superintendent, Michael has been deeply involved in the educational space for more than 25 years.

His experience taught him just how challenging and frustrating EMIS reporting can be. As he puts it, “Superintendents and Treasurers should be able to sleep well at night knowing what record sets are verified and by whom, rather than taking on responsibility for validating the entire district’s data.”

“We also understand that every district is different,” Mike continues. “That’s why we work with your staff to thoroughly understand your current EMIS reporting protocols and processes to help streamline and improve them.”


About Vinson Consulting Group: Vinson is the developer of the EMIS CheckPoint Platform. The team consists of developers and former educators dedicated to creating software that can help Ohio schools simplify, audit, and improve the EMIS reporting process so that all districts can receive every dollar of funding they deserve.

About Groveport Madison Schools: Groveport Madison is a school district comprised of six elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school, and located in Groveport, Ohio. It serves almost 6,000 students in grades PK, K-12. Learn more:

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