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Edgewood City Schools

March 18, 2019

Checkpoint EMIS Platform

Edgewood City Schools Selects CheckPoint Software to Improve Data Accuracy, Streamline Reporting Processes

CheckPoint is a proprietary EMIS reporting software platform developed by Vinson Consulting Group.

COLUMBUS, OH — MARCH 18, 2019 — Vinson Consulting Group is excited to announce that Edgewood City Schools has selected Vinson’s CheckPoint Platform to improve, streamline, and bring greater accountability to its EMIS reporting processes.

The Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a statewide data collection system for primary and secondary education in the state of Ohio. It is responsible for processing students’ demographic information, attendance, course information, financial data, and test results. Ohio’s Department of Education uses all of this data to calculate the amount of funding that each district receives from the State government. If any district submits an EMIS report with errors or omissions, it may get less funding than it deserves — or worse, Treasurers and Superintendents may face professional consequences.

Edgewood Superintendent Russ Fussnecker stated, “We anticipate the CheckPoint modules will improve our effectiveness and ensure the data is being accurately reported so our district is securing the funding we need.”

“Our EMIS Coordinator is excited to see the benefits from the Special Education module. The tracking and reporting capabilities will reduce workload and ensure all requirements are consistently met so Edgewood will meet the state compliance expectations,” stated Randy Stiver, Treasurer for Edgewood City Schools.

The CheckPoint Platform is the product of over two years of development work led by Mike Nutter, a former Superintendent who experienced his own frustrations with the lack of efficiency and accountability in his districts’ EMIS reporting processes.

According to Mike, “88% of all spreadsheets include errors — with an alarming rate like that, there’s no reason that any district should rely on spreadsheets to calculate funding. Our team of developers designed CheckPoint to not only improve the accuracy of reporting, but make the lives of EMIS coordinators, Treasurers, and Superintendents far easier.”


About Vinson Consulting Group: Vinson is the developer of the EMIS CheckPoint Platform. The team consists of developers and former educators dedicated to creating software that can help Ohio schools simplify, audit, and improve the EMIS reporting process so that all districts can receive every dollar of funding they deserve.

About Edgewood City Schools: Located in Butler County, Ohio approximately halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton near the bordering cities of Middletown and Hamilton, the Edgewood City School District is one of the top public education systems in Southwest Ohio. Quality education and affordable living in a rural environment with easy access to major cities makes for a setting that students, parents and staff find irresistible when choosing their choice in education. Beginning in 1970 as a consolidation of the Trenton and Shiloh School Districts, Edgewood has experienced 49 years of quality education. Edgewood is an open enrollment school district located in Trenton, Ohio. It has over 3,800 students in grades PK, K-12. To learn more, visit

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